Pro Automachine: 4-Cyl OHC Engine

Part One:




VHS 45 min

Remove valve cover, find jumped rocker

Remove idler pulley, punchmark & remove front brackets

Remove head bolts & head, find blown gasket

Mark & remove water pump & pulley, intermediate shaft,

seal housing & brackets, crank pulley, pan, sump & pump.

Number-punch main & rod caps, remove. Bearings inspect,

find loose inserts, one hot cap. Remove pistons, find scoring,

stuck rings. Cylinder bore guage check, write down results.

Remove crank, inspect. Go-no-go micrometer check vs.

individual journals check, crank found within spec.


45 min VHS....$24.50....$4.50 S&H

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Pro Automachine: 4-Cyl OHC Engine

Part Two:



VHS 40 min

Table & parts layout Lube mains inserts, install crank in block

Mains caps & bolts Torque to spec., degree wheel setup for final

quarter-turn Sealer & gasket for rear main seal housing, install

Mount block on stand, Lube rod inserts & cylinders, bolt protectors

Oil piston skirts & rings, set up ring compressor, install rods & pistons

Lube & install rod caps & nuts, torque caps to spec. Install

Intermediate shaft & seal housing, front main seal in housing,

housing to block, set up dial guage for crank end-play, check

Install sump to oil pump, pump to block, verify gear engagement

& seating, bolt in, lube, ready for oil pan.



40 min VHS....$24.50....$4.50 S&H

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Pro Automachine: 4-Cyl OHC Engine

Part Three:



VHS 40 min

Oil pan, sealer on mating surface, place gaskets, sealer on neoprene

front & rear mains seal housings, install pan, check sump clearance

Clean for head gasket & install, check head & studs, set cam pulley

Install head, lube head bolts, thread in by hand, speedwrench

Torque head bolts to spec. pattern, install pulleys for crank,

intermediate shaft & timing belt. Front brackets, assemble water pump

transfer original w.p. pulley Left side brackets, thermostat,

oil pressure manifold & sender fittings, oil filter

Pressurized oil supply hookup Testing for correct oil distribution

while turning engine by hand Rocker cover, paint, injector seals.



40 min VHS....$24.50....$4.50 S&H

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Pro Automachine:

Part Four:




VHS 35 min

Ray-Trace Animations: V-8 crank centerlines, main & rod journals

Journals during rotation w. & without counterweights

Rods & pistons: Reciprocating inertia stresses

Reciprocating & rotating weight vs counterweights

Marking & weighing pistons & pins, matching weights by drilling

Marking & setup for weighing rods, all small ends, all big ends

Grinding big ends to match in setup, grinding small ends to match total

Determining and assembling bob weights, matching bob weights

Mounting crank & bob weights on machine, machine parameters

Degree wheel, readouts, angles, bob weight positioning, clamping

Spin-ups, finding correction locations, pilot holes, amounts to remove

Drilling/adding to counterweights, repeated spin-ups, adjustments

in drilling to approach balanced condition, final balance.



35 min VHS....$24.50....$4.50 S&H

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Pro Automachine:

Part Five:







Ray-Trace Animations: Single cylinder OHC engine in operation at

slow, medium & fast speeds. valves & seats w. & w.o. inserts,

combustion chamber & guides, potential oil leaks

Gateways to the cylinders. Form follows function: the right shape

for the job. Flathead or OHV, OHC. Guides Springs: pressure vs height,

loaded & unloaded. Grinding faces. Seats: cut into castings.

Seats: replaceable inserts. Replaceable guides. Three-angle cutters for seats.

Dressing stem ends: rotation for lubrication. Recession and valve train geometry

Lubrication: keeping the passageways clean, heads straight and flat.

Measuring heights to deck, dye-marking fit to seat. Vacuum test.

Seals: umbrella, O-ring, clip-on. Keepers, retainers, final assembly.



25 min VHS....$24.50....$4.50 S&H

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