Residential Wiring Code Changes:

                                                   NEC 2008, 2011, 2014*

                                                    By Code-Cycle year, includes updates and the new Article 694 (Wind Power)

Two-DVD Set approx. 40 min. ea

Just the changes, in numerical order, grouped for easy access as 7-10 minute chapters,

each with a narrated explanation or quotation. Viewed together in sequence, the programs

provide not only the updates, but a perspective on how electrical safety standards for

Residential Wiring have been expanded and adapted over the years by a knowledgable

review board dealing with evolving hardware and real-world best practices.

Also serves to update your earlier Residential Wiring set or the

Residential Wiring sections of your current NEC manual.

Two-DVD set, one for '08 & '011, one for '014 and the new '014 Article 694 (Wind Power)


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