Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Part One: A MORE


30 min, on DVD w. Parts Two and Three (30 min. ea.)


A better inside than outside .. Protective shelter barriers vs. openings

for ventilation .. The Fireplace & Chimney--Radiant Heat .. Fire in

a box--warming up to the Stove .... Rooms and the rising and falling

currents of Convection .... State of the art in Convectors

Thermodynamics--conducting heat with water & air
.... The Radiator

Containing heat: the insulating characteristic of enclosed air spaces

Fiber insulation
.... Vapor barriers .... Insulated openings .... Openings that

heat: Passive Solar design
.... Heat Collectors: Water & air conducting

solar panels
.... Photoelectric Solar Panels ..Heat from thin air: the

amazing reversible Heat Pump
.... Heat from the earth:

Geothermal Systems


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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning


30 min, on DVD w. Parts One and Three (30 min. ea.)

Enclosed Air Quality .. How many cubic feet? ..Airflow requirements

and space utilization
.. Code standards for habitability ..Glazed Area

Flow in attics, foundations, crawl spaces
.. Code: fireboxes, hearths,

chimneys, flue liners
.... Banking on Central Heat .... Framing for

.... Design & duct runs for multiple levels .... Ducts between

.. Branch twists & turns vs air handling capacity

Understanding blowers and CFMs
.. Exchange rates & Returns .. Free

& confined airflow resistance
.... Duct sizes & joints .... Supporting and

joining duct runs
.. Plenums .. Insulating ductwork .. Air filtration:

fiber & electrostatic filters
..Pollution, exterior & interior


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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning



30 min, on DVD w. Parts One and Two (30 min. ea.)

Hydronics--old & new .. The BTU and BTUH as standard measures

Energy sources and heat exchangers: wood vs coal vs oil

and automatic fire: the oil burner and how it works
.. Controls: the

heat-sensitive switch or Thermostat .... Automatic heat and ventilation:

the forced-air system ..Add Evaporation for cooling .. Exaggerating

evaporation: pressure-controlling fluid/vapor states in closed coils,

or: Refrigerants
.... Freon and heat exchange.... The Heat Pump in a

Central Air system
.... Freon and the atmosphere.... Alternate means: the

return of Radiant
.... Radiant electric, passive & active solar.... Remote

radiant: the Geothermal concept
.... Lake, ground-water and buried

closed-loop systems


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