Residential Renewable Energy: Photovoltaics: The Basics

with references and updates to the National Electrical Code

30 min, on DVD w. Wind Power Basics (40 min.)

Our Sun: the Source     Electric Humans: Volts = Amps x Resistance     One Watt

Kilowatts     Silicon: Raw & Crystalline      Molecules & Electrons in Orbit

'Doping' with Phosphorous and Boron     Donors and Receptors: 'N' and 'P' Layers

The Semiconductor     Adding photons: the Solar Cell     Layers: Silicon Sandwiches

Solar Cell Types, Conversion Efficiencies     Solar Panels & Connections

Residential Solar Systems: Components, AC & DC

NEC Recommendations: On and Off-Grid     Cable Types     Disconnect Rules

Grounding & Overcurrent Protection     Array Tracking     Remote Applications

Wuhan: A Zero Energy Footprint Building

As a separate chapter -- NEC Article 690: Solar Power 014 Updates


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                         Residential Renewable Energy: Wind Power

with references and updates from the National Electrical Code


30 min, on DVD w. Photovoltaics Basics (40 min.)


Wind from the sun: the Trades     Wind Over Land: U.S. Wind Speed Regions

Turning a shaft: the Wright Props     A turbine size for all: the generic components

Variable pitch     The Nacelle and Service access: Columns, Ladders & Platforms    

Turbine Location, Location     Column Foundations & Steel      Wind Farms     

Rotor Control: noise suppression, turbine safety     Direct Drive     Small Wind      

Tower heights, Tilt-ups     Inductive generators      Synchronous Speed, Plus

Wireless Data Send     Vertical-Axis turbines: On Roofs and at Sea

The NREL: Global implementation     Avian Mortality     U.S. Wind Potential


As a separate chapter -- NEC Article 694: Changes with 011, 014 Updates


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