The Electric Video

                        25 min, on DVD w. 'The Wiring Game' and Motor Controls (30 min. ea.)

Audiences ranging from middle school to adult are entertained

and enlightened as they discover the fundamentals in man's

adventures with electricity. This colorful animation makes it easy

to understand basic atomic structure, electron flow, circuits and

generators, volts, amps and resistance, electro- magnetism, lights

and motors, measuring and transformers, household services, steam

and nuclear power generating.

"Splendid": Lars Thelestam for Sandell Group, Sweden.

"Excellent...Two thumbs up": Dana Perkins for the American Association of Instructional Voctional Media


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The Wiring Game

35 min, on DVD w. The Electric Video (25 min.) and Motor Controls (30 min.)

Colorful computer animations and an interactive format makes

understanding the common residential wiring circuits easy for both

student and apprentice electricians. Play along as informative

narration and animated wire runs clearly depict each connection

and the current flow paths for every switching option. Or play/pause

and see if you can pass inspection. Great for group interaction,

homeowners, or any application involving basic switching theory.


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                 Basic 2- and 3-Wire Motor Controls

30min, on DVD w. The Electric Video (25 min.) and The Wiring Game (35 min.)

The Electromagnet: using one circuit to switch another     The Relay

Multiple contacts     Symbols & components: Limit, pressure, timer,.

float, mushroom, start-stop switches
     Thermal overloads

Three-phase power     L1,L2,L3 at disconnect     Computer Animated

circuits--the relay cycle: L1 through stop jumper to holding curcuit,

L2 to electromagnet     Start button & circuit paths in motion

The Holding Circuit     Stop cycle     Complete cycles in slow time

Field Demonstration: wiring a typical three-wire control station

to a 480 Volt motor     Simplified two and three-wire diagrams

Reversing direction of a three-phase motor


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