Patrick Henry


A forgotten American for many generations, Patrick Henry was in truth our first national hero. His immortal words

"Give me liberty or give me death!"

characterized the American spirit for his time and for ours.

John Randolph said simply: "Patrick Henry was the greatest orator who ever lived."

He was the most powerful political figure in Colonial Virginia. He was elected first Governor of Virginia and served five terms.


His oratory and leadership insured inclusion of the Bill of Rights as part of the Constitution of the United States.

In failing health, he declined appointments as Washington's Secretary of State and Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

It was not until 1986 that the people of the United States honored him with the establishment of a national memorial at his last home and burial place: Red Hill, in Charlotte County near Brookneal, Virginia.


Patrick Henry, Virginia Patriot

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As a youth, Patrick was able

to recite the Sunday sermons

to his mother as they rode back

on the way home from church.

After only a few months study

he passed the Virginia bar, and,

as a young lawyer, won a stunning

victory for the people vs King George

in the famous Hanover Courthouse

trial. A popular hero overnight,

he was repeatedly elected to the

House of Burgesses where his

powerful oratory inspired and

helped define the character of

the struggle for Colonial independence.

In 1776, he was elected Governor


of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

His leadership throughout the

Revolutionary war was instrumental

in the ultimate acheivement of

self-government by the


His arguments in the Virginia

debate over Ratification were

crucial to the inclusion of a

Bill of Rights as part of the new

Constitution of the United States.



His long and colorful career

as a lawyer for the people,

devoted family man, and visionary

Founding Father makes his one

of the great untold stories in

American Colonial History.



Patrick Henry, Virginia Patriot

VHS 55 min



Also available as:

Patrick Henry's Fight

for Individual Rights

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